8 Top Tuty Tips & Tricks to Ace the GAMSAT














So you want to study medicine but have no idea where to start with tackling the GAMSAT? Planning on sitting the exam this September in just over 3 months’ time? Have no fear because Tuty is here! :)

For the next few weeks, we will be blogging extensively about each of our 8 Top Tuty Tips & Tricks to Ace the GAMSAT. These blogs have been written and peer-reviewed by fellow pre-med students and current medical students who have made it to the other side! So keep reading and stay tuned for the gold nuggets of experience that may just save you some precious time, money and most certainly a whole lot of headaches.

The GAMSAT is perhaps the most intense exam any student could ever sit. It is a 6 and half hour mental Olympic that will require grit, determination and a massive amount of focus. This will not be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is!

Preparing for this exam is fundamentally a journey of self-development and evolving as a person into the sort of individual that is capable of dealing with stressful environments and thinking critically with speed and precision for extended periods of time.  If you are truly trying to become the doctor of your dreams, who is responsible for the well-being of other people’s lives, you MUST begin to get excited by the transformation you are about to begin.

If you are still willing to proceed with this journey, then you are already more than half-way there! Most people give up after realising what sort of challenge is actually in front of them – and rightly so! (As this is not a profession for the faint-hearted).

In order to climb this Mount Everest of an exam, try following the below tips and tricks that have been proven to work by aspiring pre-med students who have come before you. Just like climbing a real mountain, you must prepare, practice and do your research first!


8 Top Tuty Tips & Tricks to ACE the GAMSAT











Some students come out of this exam convinced that it is ‘not possible’ to study for this sort of assessment. I can tell you out of first-hand experience that this mindset is completely wrong. Once you really ‘understand’ what this exam is all about, you will see for yourself that you certainly can prepare for this and that there is a large plethora of resources out there to get your hands on!

So firstly, what is the GAMSAT actually about?

The GAMSAT is composed of three sections, or ‘sub-exams’, each focusing on different aptitudes medical schools are seeking from their candidates to demonstrate.The first section is ‘Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences’ and could best be described as a ‘reading comprehension’ test, where as you will be exposed to 75 multiple choice questions and have exactly 100 minutes to respond (that’s just over 1.3 minutes per question!). These questions will be designed to confuse and require you to quickly read, infer and understand the authors’ intent and tone. These questions can really be anything and everything, such as; a long passage taken from an 18th century novel, a Shakespearean poem, or even an odd newspaper cartoon. The aim of this section is to test your ability to empathise with patients as a future doctor and be able to correctly read confusing social situations and know how to respond accordingly.

The second section of this exam is a ‘written communication’ component, which as the name implies, will be testing how well you can express yourself with the written word. You will have one hour to write two essays responding to two different tasks. Each task will have a series of prompts or quotes surrounding a particular theme that you must respond to. ‘Task A’ usually surrounds themes that are of ‘social-cultural’ significance, such as ‘democracy’ or ‘technology’, whilst ‘Task B’ is more typically a ‘social-personal’ topic, such as ‘love’ or ‘friendship’. This section of the test is really more an assessment of how quickly you can generate high level thinking and correctly express those thoughts under stressful conditions.

The final and third section of the GAMSAT is the dreaded ‘Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences’. This section is usually found to be the most gruelling component of the exam, where ironically a lot of science students tend to struggle with. You will have 110 questions and 170 minutes to respond (that’s just over 1.5 minutes per question!) and each question will NOT be your typical ‘science’ question you may have previously seen on other high school or university exams. These questions will contain extremely dense pre-texts of information and complicated graphs and tables to read in order to answer the questions themselves. To have a good chance of even finishing this part of the test on time, you will need to have a very fluent understanding of the foundations of maths, physics, chemistry and biology (So if you are not there just yet – you can hire one of our brilliant tutors here to get you up to speed) . This part of the exam is more focused on your ability to think critically, analytically and proficiently when faced with new sets of information, and certainly will require a lot more practice then you think.

In a couple of days we will discuss TUTY TIP #2 of our 8 Top Tuty Tips & Tricks to ACE the GAMSAT… So keep this blog open for future posts that will dive much deeper into proven techniques and methods of how to tackle each section of this exam! 

P.S - Tuty is an active and growing community of over four thousands students across Australia, and we got your back! If you would like to brush up on your biological and physical sciences or get a better grip on how to tackle Section I or II of the GAMSAT, Tuty boasts a large range of high quality science tutors and even tutors specifically catering for the GAMSAT. Find out more here.



Parents are also expected to take part in the tutoring program in order to get the desired results.Have you finally decided to get the services of high school tutors for your child? Whether you hired a private tutor to come to your place or send your child to a special tutoring facility nearby, the initial tutoring session may require preparation. Responsibilities of parents with children about to attend private tutoring

The overall success of a private tutoring regardless of you hired high school tutors or a Math tutor in Melbourne doesn’t only depend on them. The assistance of a parent/parents or guardian is crucial as the private tutoring session starts. Below are some of the responsibilities that every concerned parent or guardian must do during the tutoring session.

  • Open communication must be observed between parent and tutor

Yes, this is essential before the private tutoring of high school tutors or tutors in Melbourne starts open communication must be practiced from the moment you hired their tutoring services. Don’t hesitate to voice your targeted goals with the hired tutor/s such as see improvement on his or her next exams or passed the qualifying exams for the next grade level. Constant communication between you and the hired tutor/s will help them come up with appropriate tutoring programs for your child’s specific tutoring needs.

  • Implement the given assignments

Just like in a school setting where a teacher gives the students activities, assignments and projects the high school tutors are expected to provide various tutoring materials that your child is expected to read, review and apply on given assignments. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to follow through with your child’s learning progress while at home and do the given assignments such as solving problems given by the Math tutors in Melbourne.

  • Give a further explanation of the importance of private tutors

Your child may not see the need of having a private tutor, especially if he or she hasn’t fully accepted that he or she is struggling with the Math subject at school. The parent should explain to the child the benefits of attending private tutoring such as face to face or online.

  • Notify your child’s teacher at school about the tutoring program

Your child’s teacher at school can also take part in the tutoring program. You can request the teacher to provide suggestions on materials or modules that the hired high school tutors may cover in the tutoring sessions. Keep in mind, your child’s teacher has the first-hand experience of his or her performance while in school.

Responsibilities of the child about to attend private tutoring

Your child has also responsibilities for the tutoring sessions to succeed. Here’s a list of what is expected from your child while under a special tutoring program:

  • Provide the tutor the subjects needing assistance

Your hired high schools tutors must be given orientation on the subjects that your child needs assistance. Tell your child to inform the hired tutor/s assignments, upcoming exams and projects that he or she’s having difficulty.

  • Prepare the materials needed for tutoring sessions

Whatever tutoring arrangements you have agreed with the high school tutors, either r daily or twice a week tutorial sessions brief your child that he or she should take responsibility for preparing the materials needed. For example, if he or she has an outline of the Math project, this material must be given in advance to the private tutor's to avoid time being wasted.

  • Cooperation

The success of a tutoring session is also heavily dependent on your child’s cooperation. So, before the high school tutors start the tutoring sessions prepare your child’s mindset that he or she needs to fully commit and stay focused on throughout the tutoring sessions.

What is expected from the tutor/s?

  • Know the child

A credible tutor must take time to know the child, his or her tutoring needs and expectations. In most cases, private tutoring services request parents, and their children to answer a questionnaire, so that they can come up with a tailored tutoring program.

  • Evaluate the child’s current knowledge

Part of the task of reliable hired tutors like the tutors in Melbourne to evaluate every child’s current knowledge, so that they can create a workable tutoring plan that matches that child’s need.

  • Practice effective collaboration

The tutor must communicate with the child what is expected of him or her during the tutoring session such as complying strictly with the agreed time regardless it’s an online tutoring program and doing the given activities. On the other hand, the student must inform the tutor/s if he or she is still struggling and needs further explanation.

Tutoring requires the strong commitment of the parent, child and hired a tutor. With the full implementation of the responsibilities, the tutoring session can bring out the best in every child needing professional tutoring.

One of the subjects that our children would have to deal with regardless they are in primary, secondary or university level is Math. It could be easy for us parents to tell our children to stay focused when it comes to mathematical application. But, sometimes we overlooked the real-life scenario when a child can’t even complete a problem solving or performing poorly during their Math class. If your child lacks the courage to verbalise his or her sentiments about Math, here are commons signs that will tell your child may require professional help and you need to find a tutor soon.

  • Failing grades

This is one of the clear indicators that will confirm your child is having difficulty with the Math subject, scores from exams including class activities show failing grades despite his or her continuous efforts to study and do required homework.

  • Feeling of frustration

Have you ever noticed your child bursting in deep frustration or feeling panicky while solving Math problems? Again, this is a visible sign that your child needs tutoring, either at home or via online tutoring program.

  • Dislike of Math

Of course, every child is unique. Some children may perform well in all their subjects, while others could be struggling with Math. If you noticed your child has total dislike of the Math subject and loss interest in reading his or her Math book or tries to make alibi whenever reminded to do homework or review for upcoming Math exams, this is another warning sign that something is not right. Your child might be struggling in Math. If so, have a heart-to-heart talk with your child to discuss the real cause of this problem.

  • Skipping Math class

This is the worst scenario that will validate your child is facing a tough time with the Math subject, intentionally skipping or making excuses for not attending the Math class like having a severe headache or upset tummy.

What to do if any of the above signs are present on your child?

If one or more of the above signs is affecting your child, the best solution acts on this problem before it gets worst. Sometimes, a child is just having a hard time understanding his or her Math teacher and just needs follow-up at home by attending a private online tutoring by one of the licensed tutors Melbourne.

How to find a tutor in Melbourne?

If your final assessment of your child’s poor performance or lack of interest on Math needs the assistance of a credible tutor in Melbourne, your next concern is finding the right tutor. Here are a few things to look into if you want to find a tutor fast:

  • Go for a Math tutor with an impressive background in Math. For example, if your child needs tutoring for his or her Calculus or Algebra subject, then, see to it that the representative coming from tutors Melbourne has specialisation in these areas.
  • Check the flexibility of their tutoring packages. For example, if you prefer online tutoring after school hours the tutoring provider must be able to come up with a flexible schedule for your child’s convenience.

In today’s advanced technology finding a Math tutor is made easier through online search. However, if you want assurance that the hired Math tutor will help in resolving your child’s problem with the Math subject, then, by all means, contact a reputable online tutoring that has a solid reputation of providing top-notch tutors Melbourne.

Being a University Student Tutor - Why?

Students are always looking for work! Mainly students look for jobs because they want to save for travelling or perhaps just make good use of their time. Most students take any job they can get! But why don’t more students consider tutoring as a way of earning money.

There are many advantages of tutoring for students than you can ever imagine. Teaching is one of the best ways a student can earn and at the same time benefit from what they are doing. Here are some genuinely good reasons why:


Build your CV.

It is good to take up part-time work, but you should question yourself before you even undertake any job. How will this work benefit you in future? Does it create a chance for you in the future? Working as a tutor will enrich your curriculum vitae as you’ll be able to include it in your work experience section of the CV document.


When a hiring company is interviewing two candidates, one was doing tutoring during his part-time, and the other was doing some ordinary work. The one who was a tutor has the upper hand over the other one as it shows that the tutor has more understanding of the subject than the other interviewee. It portrays an individual as a professional.


Time vs Reward

Tutoring can be done at any time of the day depending on how your schedule is. Unlike other jobs which have fixed working hours, coaching is time friendly. You can have an arrangement with whomever you are going to tutor at what time you are going to carry out the program. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be meeting during specific time every day unless you had agreed.


Grows knowledge

As you are tutoring your knowledge grows as well. The student might ask questions which you might not have the answer to it at that time. You’ll be challenged to look for more information and in the long run gain knowledge which you didn’t have before.


You’ll have a feeling of importance as you’ll be helping someone to excel and become more productive in the society. Most of the tutored students appreciate the effort of a tutor when they excel in their academics. It is not apparent with other part-time jobs. When you have served a client, and he/she has paid his bills off they go, and they don’t even recognize your effort.


Pays well

Students and companies know how to respect and appreciate the hard work a tutor does for their success. The pay you get from tutoring will depend on the expectation of an individual or company you are providing the service too. In most cases, many people pay for them highly to get proper standards of education.


You should prepare very well if you want to be a tutor as it is not a very easy task that you can wake up one morning and start doing it. You need to know what strategies you will use and the type of student you’ll be teaching. If you’re interested become one of Tuty’s tutors by visiting our website https://tuty.com.au/.

Tips for first year students at university

University is like starting all over from day one! You’ll be facing a new environment that’s a little different from the high school. You’ll meet new friends from all kinds of communities and races. It’s good to equip yourself with all the information concerning the university you are joining. This will help you have a stress free experience - Here are some of the things you should do for your life to be a little easier.


Take a tour

Being acquainted with the place where you are going to spend your learning time is very important. Know where the lecture halls, lavatories, cafeteria and amenities are. This will give you a bit of confidence whenever you are instructed to go to those places.


You’ll save time as you will not need to be looking around for the lecture hall you are supposed to go for a given lecture. You’ll be able to know the names of each lecture hall and buildings and someone mentioned it, you already know where that is.


Study your timetable

It will help you to know when and where your lectures will be. When you are able to stick your timetable in your head you’ll never miss any lectures and you’ll be productive in your academics. You can also schedule time for visiting the library for completing your homework.


Join clubs

There are quite a number of clubs in the university and everybody has something they like doing from athletics to writing. Identify who you are and what you like doing best and join one of the clubs that are available in your campus.


It will help you grow your knowledge and meet other people who are just like you. People who have the same taste as you and you can share and exchange ideas that are beneficial. You might even find out about a talent you didn’t know you had.


Be yourself

The campus is known for many bad things and it is not your obligation to practice all that is being done. You need to have focus and stand by your principles. There’s nothing fulfilling like being yourself and doing what you only choose to do.


Remember you are not in high school and no one is watching your back. You are your own watchman and you need to select your friends wisely.


Free time

You’ll find out you have a lot of free time and don’t know what to do with it. Many university students engage in activities that don’t have value to their lives. There are many activities outside your lecture halls you can engage in.


You can take online courses on various subjects that you feel you like. An example is you can learn another foreign language or even music. Tuty also has tutors for university that you can meet online or on campus just visit https://tuty.com.au for more information.


Last but not least as you are studying many people tend to neglect their health by eating unbalanced meals. Try as much as possible to eat all your day's meal and exercise! Remember, If you need help from fellow students -  find a tutor on Tuty! 


What to look for in a Tutor

As a tutor is responsible for providing learning instructions to students, he/she should have the interest of the students at heart. Providing learning instructions is not beneficial if a tutor doesn’t  have a goal. A tutors goal should be for students to succeed and perform well in their academics achievements. Tuty has tutors who are qualified and experienced. They have all the characteristics a professional teacher should have.



Experience is the best attribute a tutor should have. It proves how much the tutor is an expert in the field of academics. This means the tutor has had interactions with a different personality of students. He/she is able to work with all kinds of student and understand how to tutor them.



A good tutor is the one who keeps learning something new. It is the only way a tutor can equip themselves with ample knowledge. Students never lack questions, and a tutor should always be fully equipped with relevant knowledge on the subject. There are those few students who are able to read a textbook and understand everything, but there are those who need the help of a tutor to explain everything. Tutors at Tuty are able to simplify complicated concepts into a simple language that students are able to understand.

Every student has a different way of understanding ideas. Tutors are able to discuss thoughts in different ways depending on the type of student is being taught. When the student understands the concept of a given subject, they are able to take on exams with ease.

Tutors are known to set up the best environment for learning by structuring time. Structuring time helps the student to focus, and know when it is time for learning and when it’s time to stop. Having a routine in place is important for the student as they will concentrate and make use of that time. If there isn’t routine, the student will be distracted by other things like phone and when the tutor states clearly it’s time to study the student knows it’s time to put nonacademic ideas and things away and concentrate on studying.

Tuty has tutors who are understanding and caring for the students. Showing you are caring and compassionately helps the student to freely communicate and ask questions. When students don’t have fear within, they are able to learn and ask question freely. 

Find the right tutor for a student to succeed. A tutor who understands his/her job description perfectly and has the interest of a student at heart. Hire a tutor who isn’t after money but after the success of the student. A tutor who charges fairly and his/her services are outstanding. You’ll find this tutor at www.tuty.com.au Visit the site for any type of tutor, and you’ll just love what they have to offer. You can choose to be taught online or in person and at your convenience.

Expand Your Knowledge!

Learn Something New ????

Learning theory is very important because it prepares a student for what to expect in the field. What is the use of learning theory part of a subject when you can't implement it outside the classroom? You are as good as not learning anything. Outside learning will put the knowledge you learned in class into practical use and that way you'll get to understand the subject better. Practicals help students understand a specific subject more.


Working as interns really help students. They are able to interact with different kind of people. Knowing how to associate with different people helps the student to have self-control and solve problems.


You are a human being and not a machine. You need a break from the same environment and routine. Changing the learning environment will give you the willpower to keep on learning. When you stay in one place doing the same old thing without a break will affect productivity. What will be the need to go on with learning if it isn't yielding results? Having a break from indoor learning can help students be more productive and efficient.



Learning skills that are not related to what you learn in school is important. Most recruiters hire people who have skill in something different from what they specialized in school. Maybe, it is so because they understand how learning outside the class is useful. Teamwork is important, and it works by performing a task as a group, and this will only happen when you are working outside the class.


Self-esteem is something some people don't have. It is not because they are bad at what they do, but they have allowed their negative attributes to overcome the good. Exercising has shown to lift self-esteem in students.  When a person is able to achieve something he/she becomes happy and trust oneself more. A person becomes productive when the self-esteem grows. This is applicable in class and at work.


Computers and smartphones have had a negative and positive impact on learning outside the class. Before everyone could afford a computer, it was only found in offices limiting its use.  In today's era, even kids know how to operate these technological devices. Playing outdoor games and interacting with other kids outside the class has been reduced because of this technology. Students are not able to survive in harsh conditions because they are not exposed to the outside life.


Most students have seen natural habitats on screens, and don't value its importance. Getting into the real world makes students appreciate nature, and see the importance of preserving nature. Learning from screens and internet might be a little different. When students experience the actual truth, they appreciate it even more.


Indoor learning is crucial for every learner, and it can be of high value if outdoor learning is incorporated. The student will be more focused and understand matters easily. A student will be able to interact and understand people differently. The student will be able to bring out the hidden talent in them.


Tuty is a learning platform where they offer a number of subjects. You can choose to study online or face to face. Our tutors charges are affordable, and you can schedule your own time depending on the availability of the tutor. We have expert tutors who teach music, languages, digital marketing, driving, and even coding! To get more information on the various recreational subject you offered in Tuty visit  www.tuty.com.au.

Reasons why Students should Travel!

At Tuty we're not only about helping you find tutors and get success in life! We want to talk about something beyond school and uni, that is - your social life and travelling. You learn through experience,  doing it while your young is the best time. 



Being young is a stage in life that is experienced once in your life. Time is something that runs very fast you are not able to realize, and if you don't utilize your time wisely, you'll curse yourself ever not making use of it when you had enough of it. You can travel and explore the world better when you are younger and especially when you are at the university. The advantages outweigh the disadvantage at this stage in your life. Here are some reasons why you should travel when you are still young.


No commitments

It is not that you don't have anything to do but whatever you are doing can be done anywhere in the world. By not having commitments it means there are no children to carry around or take care of, there is no husband or family that will make you think twice of travelling, and when the commitments are there, it becomes expensive to travel, and you end up not travelling. When you are young, you don't have to think of anyone but you that way you'll get to enjoy the adventure.


Assuming you have that family and kids and you are able to afford to travel with them, you'll still not have that freedom you could have as a young person. You'll not be able to explore places you could when you were younger.



Young people are excited by almost everything, and this excitement is an advantage to them since they will want to learn about almost everything new. When you get old, the amusement vanishes and consider most things not important. It's better to utilize the excitement while it last one day you might regret not having used it.



Since young people are outgoing traveling at their age will be profitable as they will be able to interact with other young like-minded people. Interacting with people from diverse racial and ethnic background helps you understand and appreciate them in a positive way.


Discover oneself

Imagine a scenario where you were born, raised and schooled in one place. The friends you have are the same you had back in the days you were in preschool. Do you think you'll ever discover who you are? what else are you capable of? No. Getting to make new friends will enable you to realize a trait or talent that was hidden.


Become independent

Independence is important, to every human being, it makes an individual become, responsible. When you travel alone, you will have to make decisions about money and how to spend it. Independence gives you that freedom you require to be able to make decisions on your own.


Don't let fear overcome the desire to travel. Going to a new place might be challenging, but these challenges are there to make you strong and be able to handle hard situations as they come your way. Why do you want to wait until you are old and not able to be adventurous? This is the right time as a young person to be who you are, a young person.


How To Balance Work, Life and Play As A University Student

Many if not all students encounter the pressure of finishing coursework, paying school fee and striving to maximize their university experience.

Striking a healthy balance between work, schoolwork and having a social life is a tedious task but it can be done through many ways. Students that maintain a balanced schedule are highly thought of to be organized and as such, live stress-free lives.

Frankly speaking, there are measures that can be taken by students to ensure they feel like humans even during the time when they are stressed out.

Below are steps students can take in a bid to attain and maintain a healthy balance throughout their university life:


Always Update Your Schedule

Keeping an updated schedule is a very good way of making use of your phone's calendar app. Always make effort to include your class plan for the whole semester and add any due dates for all your assignments. Furthermore, you need to devote time every week to focus on things like homework, cleaning, family and other things.

Assuming you work in retail unit and your schedule is such that you move from one area to another every week, you will have a great difficulty sticking with plans. While under this condition, you must endeavor to draw your schedule each time you discover your weekly work schedule.

Do Not Procrastinate

Through procrastination, your to-do list multiplies and degenerate into an insurmountable amount of workload. Once your tasks pile up, it becomes harder to motivate and put yourself together to start.

In order for a student to fight procrastination, he or she must get ahead on planning, readings, term papers and other tasks he or she is facing. Getting ahead also gives students more time in the future to hang out and relax with friends.

Get Enough Rest

More often than not, students hear about the advantages of getting enough rest which include but not limited to maintaining a potent immune system and ameliorating our moods. It is shocking to know that a lot of students have failed to get enough rest. Sometimes students get so occupied with work to the extent that the high volume of stress and huge workload keep them from getting enough rest. As a student, If you take time to work on the quality of your sleep, your level of will reduce and this will lead to a situation where you are able to think straight and make less mistakes in your pursuit of academic excellence.

Get Your Work Priorities Right

Balancing work, life and play as a student requires you to organize your work in a purposeful way so as to be on a safe side when papers, projects, and other work programmes are due. Constant academic events like homework and studying are very easy to plan ahead of time but in some cases, you tend to miss papers and projects deadlines.

Always ensure to examine your syllabus to discover the different weight attached to each assignment.

Prioritizing assignments will afford you the allowance to pay attention to what is considered most important first while subsequently treating less trivial assignments.

Getting to know you are done with a major project and you do not need to worry about the project any longer makes you live a more balanced life.

Set Time for Yourself

Setting time for yourself may mean spending quality time with your friends, visiting your family members or setting aside a moment of relaxation for yourself. To maintain a healthy balance between work, life and play as a student, it is paramount to set aside some time to spend away from school. As soon as you have finished you important academic tasks, devote time for relaxation. This will enable you to rest your brain and stay refreshed.


4 Skills Every High School Student Needs to Succeed!

Tuty: Find Tutors for University & School! 

Congratulations on joining high school! You are now at your gateway to the adult world. This is where you learn to take full responsibility for your actions and bear the consequences of the decisions you make. Perhaps for the first time, you will be asked to work independently. With all these pressures coming your way, it is high time you get equipped more on how to deal with the challenges and demands of high school. In this article, we discuss four important skills you need to develop to excel in your academic life.

1.    Learn to listen

Successful high school students develop their listening skills. Many high school students perform poorly in their examinations by simply not following instructions, omitting crucial sections of their assignments or even losing easy points on a simple step.

Become an active learner and pay attention to the speaker. Avoid distractions of phones, television or even noise from outside. Whenever you are having a conversation with your instructor, respond to them using body language to show them you are listening to them. Ultimately, your ability to focus will pay off.

2.    Be organized

Organized people are not born organized people. They endeavor to cultivate healthy habits which eventually help them to stay organized. As a high school student, you need to know what’s on your plate and what’s coming. If you are naturally organized, you are way ahead of the game. If you are still facing challenges here and there well, there’s still time.

Take full advantage of the technology to advance your organization skills by finding a planning app to keep your schedule straight. Schedule your study time, recreation and travel time. Make a to-do list and stick to it. Have a time-table that guides you on what subjects to study during a specific time. In whatever you do find a system that best works for you.

3.    Have an Open Mind

This is the time to learn new and exciting things. Keeping an open mind will expose you to opportunities that can lead to even bigger and better things. Have an open mind on the learning process. Discuss opportunities after high school with your parents and tutors. This can best be achieved if you maintain open lines of communication with your parents and tutors. Make sure everyone is on board. In whatever you do, always have an open mind. A closed mind won’t get you far.

4.    Learn More about yourself

It is at this stage you need to know that no one student is like the other. Students learn differently, and this usually changes throughout one's academic career. You need to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a learner. This is where your parents and tutors come in. In most cases, your parents/ tutors can help you unravel a hidden strength in you. Similarly, they can help you to improve on your weaknesses.

When you learn to listen to your parents and tutors with an open mind, you will ultimately excel in your academic career. Guardians and teachers need to pay close attention to students to help them bring out the best out of them. Whenever learning becomes a team effort, both students and their families will benefit.