1. Create an account

Sign up as a student, a tutor or both. Create your profile and you can now begin to search for the perfect tutor or begin helping others and earning. You are able to seamlessly transition between your student and tutor accounts.

2. Search and Match

Once you have found a tutor that you want to schedule a lesson with, start a live chat or click the ‘book now’ button on their profile and select a time slot on the tutor’s live availability calendar.

Next, select a location; perhaps your university library, your home, or even your favourite café - the tutor will come to your desired location.

If you have an online session scheduled, you can access the lesson by clicking ‘online lessons’ on the side panel, and be able to enter the virtual classroom up to ten minutes before your lesson begins.

3. Additional Notes

Just before sending off your booking confirmation, add some specifics to make the lesson run more smoothly, this can be done in the notes section.

For example – ‘I need help with my homework for week 6 it’s to do with the admissibility of evidence’ Or ‘Meet outside the front of the main library’

4. Payment

Our online payment system ensures that the payments for the lesson is automatic and secure – No cash, No headaches.

Add your preferred payment method to ‘Wallet’ we offer Credit/Debit card, PayPal, and Bank Transfers.

Once the tutor confirms your booking request the lesson is scheduled, and the tutor has been paid.

When the payment for the lesson is confirmed the contact details of your tutor/expert can be viewed. Go to ‘My sessions’ and under ‘Actions’ click the view icon.

If any amendments (such as time or location) are been made to the booking, only once both parties agree to these changes, does payment for the lesson occur.

Both Tutors and Students can use our e-wallet to deposit and withdraw money.

5. Rewards

Each time you make a booking on our website your earn Tuty Points!

Students can use these Tuty Points to discount the cost of their next booking.

For tutors you earn Tuty Points that can be converted to cash and withdrawn from your Tuty wallet.

Earn $20 worth of Tuty Points for yourself and each of your friend that joins Tuty using your unique referral code.

See Referrals and Rewards for more information.

6. Thrive

Your Tutor or Expert will arrive at your desired location.

Whether it’s acing that exam, getting into the course of your dreams, or learning how to drive, Tuty has you covered. Enjoy learning in the most effective way – peer to peer.

You can request a feedback form from your tutor after the completion of your lesson. Log into Tuty after your lesson and you will see a notification. 

Please leave a rating, write a comment or both, to help benefit the Tuty community.

- Thank you, The Tuty Team.