How To Balance Work, Life and Play As A University Student

By Tuty     
Posted on 30-12-2017

Many if not all students encounter the pressure of finishing coursework, paying school fee and striving to maximize their university experience.

Striking a healthy balance between work, schoolwork and having a social life is a tedious task but it can be done through many ways. Students that maintain a balanced schedule are highly thought of to be organized and as such, live stress-free lives.

Frankly speaking, there are measures that can be taken by students to ensure they feel like humans even during the time when they are stressed out.

Below are steps students can take in a bid to attain and maintain a healthy balance throughout their university life:


Always Update Your Schedule

Keeping an updated schedule is a very good way of making use of your phone's calendar app. Always make effort to include your class plan for the whole semester and add any due dates for all your assignments. Furthermore, you need to devote time every week to focus on things like homework, cleaning, family and other things.

Assuming you work in retail unit and your schedule is such that you move from one area to another every week, you will have a great difficulty sticking with plans. While under this condition, you must endeavor to draw your schedule each time you discover your weekly work schedule.

Do Not Procrastinate

Through procrastination, your to-do list multiplies and degenerate into an insurmountable amount of workload. Once your tasks pile up, it becomes harder to motivate and put yourself together to start.

In order for a student to fight procrastination, he or she must get ahead on planning, readings, term papers and other tasks he or she is facing. Getting ahead also gives students more time in the future to hang out and relax with friends.

Get Enough Rest

More often than not, students hear about the advantages of getting enough rest which include but not limited to maintaining a potent immune system and ameliorating our moods. It is shocking to know that a lot of students have failed to get enough rest. Sometimes students get so occupied with work to the extent that the high volume of stress and huge workload keep them from getting enough rest. As a student, If you take time to work on the quality of your sleep, your level of will reduce and this will lead to a situation where you are able to think straight and make less mistakes in your pursuit of academic excellence.

Get Your Work Priorities Right

Balancing work, life and play as a student requires you to organize your work in a purposeful way so as to be on a safe side when papers, projects, and other work programmes are due. Constant academic events like homework and studying are very easy to plan ahead of time but in some cases, you tend to miss papers and projects deadlines.

Always ensure to examine your syllabus to discover the different weight attached to each assignment.

Prioritizing assignments will afford you the allowance to pay attention to what is considered most important first while subsequently treating less trivial assignments.

Getting to know you are done with a major project and you do not need to worry about the project any longer makes you live a more balanced life.

Set Time for Yourself

Setting time for yourself may mean spending quality time with your friends, visiting your family members or setting aside a moment of relaxation for yourself. To maintain a healthy balance between work, life and play as a student, it is paramount to set aside some time to spend away from school. As soon as you have finished you important academic tasks, devote time for relaxation. This will enable you to rest your brain and stay refreshed.