5 Superfoods for a Super Brain

By Tuty     
Posted on 06-11-2017

The brain, probably the most complex organs in most moving living creature on earth. We Homo Sapiens, in particular, like to make things a little more complicated.  Despite the innate ability of the human brain to control the body and process any exterior stimulus and take countermeasure upon it like other animals. Our brain uses a huge amount of energy (nutrients) to deal with our mood swings, exams and is accountable for making some of the smartest and dumbest decision in life. Therefore, we will be exploring some of the ‘Super’ food that has claimed to be beneficial for the brain.

1. Salmon (wild or farmed)

Salmon, Not your ordinary fish is actually a superfood that is packed with protein and Omega-3 fatty acid. The human body is incapable of producing a sustainable amount of DHA, therefore are obtained mostly from food. Omega 3 fatty acids such as DHA which are abundant in salmon, are a staple for normal brain function and enhance the plasticity of the synapses between brain cells. Dietary deficiency in Omega-3 fatty acids has been associated with impaired-learning and a few mental disorders. 

2.Walnuts: Going Nuts

Looks familiar to you? This weird-brain-alike-nuts is the next superfood on the list. Walnut is listed as a healthy superfood because it was proven to be brain food and regulates blood pressure. Similarly, it contains a high concentration of DHA that enhance brain performances. Moreover, this all-time favourite consists an abundance of antioxidants and healthy polyunsaturated fat that normalised blood pressure and other cardiovascular benefits.

Making it a go-to snack option for most people and vegans too (we got you).   


3. Eggs

The next on the list, we have EGGS. Cheap, accessible from your local grocery store. This easily prepared delicacy are loaded with essential nutrients, fatty acids and proteins. Choline can be found in abundance in Eggs, which plays a role in maintaining brain function in adults. Most people are not getting the recommended amount of choline every day. Choline is used to support the structure of cell membrane, serves as one of the key ingredients in the synthesis of acetylcholine (Neurotransmitter) that allow nerve cells to communicate.

4. Avocado

It’s oily, It’s a fatty fruit and yes is good for you. Avocados commonly found used in cooking, breakfast spreads or consumed by itself, is a super fruit that is rich in monosaturated fat and Vitamin K. These play a vital role in decreasing bad cholesterol, hence reducing the risk of blood vessels hardening. Healthy blood vessels reduce the risk of plaque formed thus reduces the risk of stroke. Healthy blood vessels also ensure nutrients and waste are transported to and from the brain accordingly. In addition, Folate (Vitamin B9) that are found in Avocados, is important for the maintenance of cognitive functions.


5. Blueberry

Last on our list today, blueberries. One study showed that blueberry beverages consumed by a group of volunteers showed an increase in a particular biomarker that plays a role in learning and memory. The group that had the real blueberries performed better in a control test 5 hours after the drink. The other group of volunteer that received placebo beverages, performed significantly worse and showed sign of anxiety and stress.

Eat well, study hard, kick-ass.