7 Study Hacks that actually work!

By Tuty     
Posted on 03-11-2017

Welcome to final showdown of the week, is the time of the semester where we are overwhelmed and tired, and that’s why Tuty’s digests is here to help. Here are some of the study tips that works for me.

1. Organizing your study (come up with a study plan)

Plan as early possible and ahead, but if you started your revision a week or a night before the paper. I presume time really is a luxury to you, but it is still essential to come up with a quick study plan that’s spot on. The fastest way of putting up a study plan together would be to organized according to your subjects/units and setting your priorities on topics you are unfamiliar with. If you are a heavy procrastinator like me who enjoys keeping to the last minute, you will have to prioritize on important topics to revise on.


2. Is okay to procrastinate SOMETIMES (Do that on your own risk, you have been warned)

Most of our college and university students are plagued with procrastination problem. Psychologist Adam Grant from Wharton school of Business University Pennsylvania suggested that the the most creative people are usually procrastinators. Moderate amount of procrastinating provide enough time to incubate our thoughts and be creative, but essentially get things or work done on time. One way I did when I am writing was I will put in all my ideas and content, and leave it for a week before coming back to finish it up. And every time I review my draft after a week, I am surprise how bad of a writer I was.  


3. Get help

Remember you are not alone in this, so don’t do this alone if you really need help. Pick up a Tutor or an online tutor to help you with your revision, one of the perk of having someone to help with your study is that they are familiar with  the nature of your exam. They know the technique of answering and they have aced the subject/units before.


There are heaps of platform online that offer tutoring service, such as Tuty, Gumtree, Udemy or your university marketplaces. Tutors come in different price ranges and are usually pay on an hourly rate basis. 

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4.Grab a study mate

As mentioned previously, don’t do this alone.  We humans are social creatures, we learn from others by interaction, exchanging thoughts and idea. Just make sure you guys are not spending too much time talking than studying, KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN and STAY ON COURSE GUYS!  


5. Stay hydrated

60% of our body comprised of H2O (Water), essentially our organs all require function enough water (Blood plasma) for waste removals and nutrients transportation. One study published in British Journal of Nutrition even showed that mild dehydration would deteriorate our brain performance and increase fatigue ness and anxiety (1).

The recommended water intake daily:

  • About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids for men

  • About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women

If you are reading this, please Pause and have a drink.


6. Well Rested

To those pulling an all-nighters, here is one trick you might consider trying. Polyphasic sleep or segmented sleep refers to dividing our usual nocturnal  sleep into a few segment of short naps, is normal amongst animal and is thought to be ancestral to mammals. This allow an individual to rest and grind through the exam period and is commonly used by the US military, however the best rest you can get would probably still getting 8 hours of sleep prior to your exam.   


7. Practice makes perfect (Quiz yourself)

Practice, practice and practice. Time yourself and test your understanding on topics. Period




1. Ganio, M., Armstrong, L., Casa, D., McDermott, B., Lee, E., Yamamoto, L., Marzano, S., Lopez, R., Jimenez, L., Le Bellego, L., Chevillotte, E. and Lieberman, H. (2011). Mild dehydration impairs cognitive performance and mood of men. British Journal of Nutrition, 106(10), pp.1535-1543.